Learning, Caring Together in Faith

Starting School in September 2022

We look forward to welcoming new families to St Andrews School.

A meeting has been arranged for WEDNESDAY, 15TH JUNE 2022 for new parents to come and meet the head and staff.  You will be informed about our induction arrangements, home viists and procedures for admitting the children in September.

Please note this meeting is for parents and there will be a presentation, so if you are able to leave your little ones at home it would be to your advantage, however, do not worry if you need to bring them with you.

New Starter Dates.

The new parents intake evening will be held in the school hall on Wednesday 15th June at 6pm.

Activity trails to be held on 22nd June for Ladybirds and 23rd June for Honeybees. More details to follow. 

Children drop in sessions 1st July.  More details to follow. 

Additional drop in sessions 6th and 7th July.  More details to follow. 

We look forward to meeting you at these events.