Learning, Caring Together in Faith

The Curriculum

Statement of Curriculum Intent

At St Andrew’s C of E Infant School, we are passionate about promoting and instilling a love for learning through an exciting curriculum for all our children.  We aim to provide pupils with the knowledge and skills needed to become independent learners, by providing them a wealth of opportunities to immerse children in the world around them gaining first hand learning experiences. It is our mission to build the foundations of basic skills so they are prepared for further education. It is vital for children to learn about the ‘real’ world to help them become well rounded individuals who can make a positive contribution to the community they live in.

We aim to build up strong links between home, school and community, developing an environment in which everyone concerned with the education of young children can work together in partnership.

We use half termly topics as the basis for our curriculum planning, informed by the National Curriculum. This creative approach enables us to make learning meaningful, relevant and engaging for our children. Developing the whole child is of key importance and, with this in mind, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses our vison of ‘Learning, Caring and Growing Together in Faith.’


How Parents/carers are informed about the Curriculum

At the start of the school year, parents are invited to ‘Meet the Teacher’ and to find out more about the curriculum for the coming year. In addition parents/carers will be provided with a full summary of the age related expectations in English and Mathematics.

At the start of each term, parents/carers also receive a curriculum letter detailing the key objectives in Mathematics and each aspect of English outlining the topics that will be the focus of their child as well as an overview of the topic content for all other subjects.

Parents Evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring term. The Autumn term meeting is an open invite and the Spring Term is more ‘formal’.

At the end of the school year, parents/carers are also provided with a full school report that summarises progress and attainment for the year.

Parents/carers are invited to meet with the class teacher at any time in the year that they would like an update on progress- there does not have to be a worry or concerns.

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