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Design Technology

Design Technology Curriculum

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln 


At St Andrew’s Infant School, we aim to deliver an engaging, practical and problem-solving based Design Technology curriculum.

During their time at St Andrew’s Infant School, our children will be provided plenty of opportunities to learn, apply and strengthen essential skills required in the designing, making and evaluating of an effective product for a given purpose.

We want to ensure that our children are well-equipped with the technical knowledge to support them in designing and making their own product.

We aim to develop our children’s understanding and use of technical vocabulary associated with this subject. This will allow our children to articulate the skills that they have applied, the equipment that they have used and describe the materials and features of the product that they have made.

At St Andrew’s Infant School, we want our children to be prepared to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing, technological world.


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