Learning, Caring Together in Faith



The Class Teacher in Honeybees is Mrs Aiken-Wood and the Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Robinson.

Mrs Finch and Mrs Singleton work with Honeybees and Ladybirds throughout the week.






This half term, Honeybees have PE on Monday afternoons with Sian, a dance coach.

We ask that all children have their PE kit in school and for the children's safety, NO EARRINGS please.

Please ensure that your child's name is on their kit.




Dudley Dog

Dudley Dog loves to visit the children's houses. Each night, Dudley Dog has a sleepover with a child from Honeybees class. He chooses someone to go home with who has worked hard, been kind, or has done something really special that day.

Each child has a diary that can be filled with news and pictures of Dudley's adventures at their house.  We will share this the next day with the class. Dudley brings his own bag and pencil case wherever he goes.





Children will take home a reading book and a reading record.  When you listen to your child read, please write in the record.

We love to hear how they get on at home, and this is a great opportunity for you to update us on how you think your child is progressing.

Every week, we update the children's sound books                           

with the sounds they have learnt that week.

We regularly send home words for the children to practice too.                    


Key Workers
Every child in Reception has been allocated a key person who will work closely with them throughout the year. Your key person could be your first point of call to share information about your child. Your child's key person will have a role in monitoring your child’s development and progress through observations, photographs and keeping examples of their work.

Children will meet in their key worker group for focused activities throughout the year such as sharing stories, songs and rhymes. They share snack time together each day.


Home/Link Book
This Home/School Link book is another way of sharing contact between parents and teachers. Please feel free to write in anything that you would like us to know about your child. E.g. a note explaining an absence, any events happening at home, pictures of home life, any certificates or achievements, or  simply a note to say what you’ve been up to over the weekend.

Staff will also write messages in the book E.g. about any achievements in school or behaviour, and once the children are settled we occasionally send simple  activities to complete at home (a little introduction to homework).

A child’s experiences at home can greatly impact on their day and we welcome any information you can share with us.  If you have written a message in the book please place it in the "Messages" basket which is outside the classroom door. Thank you!


Your support at home is greatly appreciated!



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